Not all B2B telemarketing companies are alike! In fact, many of them are not much more effective than your current in-house team. Professional Prospecting Systems is different.

PPS knows what your company is looking for, and knows how to speak the language of a wide range of businesses. They recognize that a lead does not mean the same thing to all companies; what might be described as a lead to an insurance company is certainly not the same as a lead to a business that wants to fill their Webinar seating.

The experts from PPS have been in the telemarketing and lead nurturing business for a long time- almost 20 years, and have built a model for businesses that is proven to provide the kind of results companies are looking for. They realize choosing from all the b2b telemarketing companies out there is a tough job, and make it easier for you by providing services with a great track record.

If you’re still struggling to implement a telemarketing campaign that gets results, turn your campaign over to experts who can help you achieve your goals. After all, unless you were trained to perform telemarketing services, you’re better suited to do what you do best within your company.

Do you need to contact your b2b prospects to tell them about your upcoming event or Webinar? Calling or emailing can both be effective, if done properly. The question is, can you do both and track your results for your next campaign?

Professional Prospecting Systems combines emailing with telemarketing, allowing them to nurture your prospects and follow up to increase attendance. Their fully-customized on-line tools provide you with real-time reporting so you can track your attendees and ensure your next event has a qualified audience. Are you able to do that with your current campaign?

Unlike other b2b telemarketing companies, PPS’s telemarketers are experienced across many market sectors, most offering tenures of 10+ years. They have been representing clients from a wide range of industries, including utility companies, finance, medical and technology-based corporations for almost 20 years. It is through working within this range of industries that their professionals have the ability to create your message and integrate it into your telemarketing script and emails. Using PPS for your event or Webinar registration, you will find that: your attendance will dramatically increase- by as much as 50%, your costs associated with bringing in attendees will be reduced by as much as 75%, and you will save time by registering more attendees in a shorter time frame.

Other b2b telemarketing companies will promise you results- Professional Prospecting Systems will show you the results they promise you; that’s what makes them different from the rest.

If you’re ready to take that next step that will make all the difference in your bottom line, visit professional, and read more about what PPS can offer your company. You’re also welcome to call one of their experts at 866-445-4369 if you have any questions or would like more information.

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