Custom Screen Print Shirts Salt Lake City

In today’s world, there is nothing more important than making a name for your company if you want to be successful. Custom Screenprint shirts are a great way to help get your name out into the world. Here at Affordable Printing, we strive to produce quality apparel that you are proud to have your name on.

How can I promote My Company with T-shirts?

From putting staff members in your branded apparel to sponsoring a little league team, there are hundreds of options when it comes to promoting your company. Make a custom screen print shirt for your employees and encourage them to wear it to less formal corporate events.

Distributing shirts at events is an easy way to make sure people remember your company. A shirt is significantly harder to lose than a business card. A shirt will leave a much bigger impression as well.

Sponsoring a little league team, or volunteer group by printing their uniforms or shirts is another excellent way to market using apparel. These groups will expose your company to a numerous amount of people as they work or play.

Holding a contest or give away will help market your company as well. Hold a drawing or raffle for a free service or consultation as the main prize. Then for the secondary or consolation prizes offer customers a t-shirt with your logo on it.

How Should I Design a Shirt to Effectively Market My Company?

When you are designing a t-shirt for marketing purposes there several essential things to consider, the first step is determining the purpose these shirts are going to be used for. As was stated above there are several different ways to use a Custom Screen Print Shirt effectively.

After you have determined what the shirt will be used for the next step is defining the company’s budget, and how many shirts you will need. The budget and quantity are important factors for several reasons. The more ink your shirt requires, the more expensive each shirt is going to be. The choice of the base color of the shirt will affect the priced as well.

Now you know your design limitations and for what purpose the shirt will be used. The next step is designing a T-shirt. If you are making a T-shirt to be distributed to employees, your company’s logo and slogan are enough to help market business.

If the shirts are distributed to others, then some form of contact information should be incorporated into the design whether its an email, website or phone number a potential customer can’t reach out to your business if he or she doesn’t know how to contact you. Finally, make sure you have enough different sizes to fit everyone!

Custom Screen Print Shirts Salt Lake City

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Custom Screen Print Shirts Salt Lake City

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