If you own or manage a virtual reality center, you understand the importance of providing your customers with thoroughly sanitized VR devices. There are several ways to sanitize smart glasses; however, many fall short of hitting the mark when it comes to killing germs in hidden areas and crevices. Wipes and sprays can’t kill the germs they’re unable to reach; in fact, they barely do the job on flat surfaces you can see. With a UVC clean phone sterilizer, you can keep your customers safe when sharing devices throughout the day. CleanBox UVC technology is the safest, easiest way to clean VR devices.

3 Pros And Cons Of UVC Light For Cleaning Tech Devices


1. A UV disinfection robot can save you a lot of time by eliminating the manual work involved in cleaning shared devices. To sanitize smart glasses, smartphones, tablets, handhelds, headsets, earphones, and other frequently used devices, place them in one of our UV light phone sanitizers and wait 60 seconds for pathogens to be killed- there’s no waiting fo the device to dry.

2. CleanBox uses UV sterilization to kill 99.999% of contaminants from the surface area of all devices- even in areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach with spray chemicals and wipes. Our ultraviolet light devices seek out germs so that it’s impossible for contaminants to hide.

3. When you sanitize smart glasses and devices with CleanBox, you’re protecting the environment. UVC sanitizing effectively replaces all of your spray and wipe supplies, so you’ll never have to buy or use them on shared devices again.


1. It may take some time for your customers to understand the benefits that come from having their VR devices disinfected with UVC technology. A well-placed sign is a great way to tell customers that you’ve switched to CleanBox to keep smart glasses and headsets cleaner and safer for them to use. In time, your customer base will come to thank you by returning to your VR center instead of going elsewhere.

2. Since UVC technology is invisible, it’s not possible to see how clean your devices are after spending 60 seconds in a sterilization box. Your staff and customers may question the reality of UVC or even ask for proof that their shared devices are clean enough to use. By becoming educated in the many benefits of UVC sanitizing, you’ll be able to assure them that CleanBox technology is not just real, but is superior to all other cleaning methods.

3. You’ll need to make a one-time investment in CleanBox technology which will cost you more than a trip to the store for chemical supplies. In the end, you’ll save money using CleanBox, but it will take time to get to the break-even point.

You’ll find a wealth of information on our website if you’d like to learn more about how Cleanbox works and why it’s the best investment your VR center will ever make. A CleanBox product specialist is available to answer your questions when you call 615-208-4042.

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