Sony TV repair Tampa Bay

We are a premier repair service located in the area. We have been serving the community for many years and have built a reputation as the most reliable, trustworthy repair technicians in the area. We specialize in Sony televisions which are among the classiest in the market. We will diagnose and repair your Sony TV regardless of age, size, technology, or price.

While we do our best to repair components and parts, we firmly believe in replacing or upgrading them. Electrical or water damage is hard to remediate. Sometimes parts age and cannot render the same function after many years. In all these instances, we offer original manufacturer parts.

When we visit your home, we will offer a professional diagnosis of the problem. We will carry out the repair work and reinstall your set. If the project is more complex, we will deliver the television to our shop for more detailed technical work. We will not make any unwarranted replacements without prior notice as we believe in transparency.

What Parts Do We Replace?

Thanks to the relationship we have enjoyed with Sony over the years, we have all replacement parts for virtually all TV models sold in the US. The components we replace include:

Fuses- This is one of the quick, easy jobs. A power surge to the TV’s board may damage the glass or ceramic fuses installed to prevent these surges from damaging more components. A fuse is irreparable, so replacement is the only solution. We access the power panel of the TV and install a new fuse.

Capacitor- A capacitor is inexpensive to replace, but only if it is a single one. For multiple capacitors, we usually recommend replacing the entire board.

Bulbs- These bulbs are only available on older LCD TVs to illuminate. They are easy to replace, though the bulbs’ material cost is higher than other components within the television.

Backlight- LED backlights are somewhat expensive, and the repair bill depends on the size and scale of the television and the total number of lights. LED bulbs or diodes are not repairable, so replacement is the only choice.

Picture Tube- CRTs are no longer manufactured and are only present in old Sony TVs. These are repairable.

HDMI Port- Broken, damaged ports or ports without versatility to connect to US HDMI cables need replacement. A technician will undo the port housing, install a new port, and connect it to the circuitry for seamless communication.

Motherboards- We recommend replacing motherboards if they are the source of the problem. A new one is always better than a repaired one as the central processing unit.

Screen- Replacing the screen means replacing most other components. Buying a new Sony TV makes sense when the screen is beyond repair.

We take each job seriously, and you can be confident your TV will receive special care and attention. Our expert technicians will promptly attend to your repair request and be in touch with you throughout the process. We guarantee satisfaction and will even reinstall your TV in your desired location. Please call Doctronics TV Repair for a free estimate.

Sony TV repair Tampa Bay


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Sony TV repair Tampa Bay

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